Understanding Wrongful Death Attorneys

The sudden loss of a loved one is difficult and it can be hard to plan the next steps for your family. As the survivor of the death of a loved one, you may have the right to collect damages for your loss. This restitution can include payment for the loss of expected income, medical and funeral fees and remittance for the emotional suffering caused by the death of a family member.

At Crane & Tejada, P.C., we are aware of how troublesome it can be to file a claim after recently losing a family member. We have decades of experience helping clients file claims and obtain compensation, all with a delicate touch. Our law firm has offices in Denver and Durango which can provide you with a free consultation and explain what options may be available to you. We will always attempt to point you in the right direction and provide you with resources to plan your next steps.

Compassionate Representation For Families

Our firm has represented complex personal injury and wrongful death actions in southwestern Colorado and the Denver metropolitan area for many years. We have the knowledge and skill to help clients get a favorable outcome for their cases. Our attorneys are always thorough in their research and supportive to families during trying times. We are also dedicated to open communications and will keep you up to date with case details and changes.

Here are some common reasons behind wrongful death cases:

Defending Your Rights

Even if you have lost a child or a person who has never held a job, you may still have a possible wrongful death claim. A knowledgeable lawyer can explain possible restitution and how you can claim it. We will return your call and provide you with proven representation at the negotiating table.

We Are Here To Guide You

We have kind and understanding attorneys who are here to review your case for no charge and see if we can help you. Call 720-512-5871 or write us an email today.