Representation For Injured Workers

Workers' compensation laws generally cover most employee injuries sustained at work. Unfortunately, some employers and insurance companies do not follow regulatory guidelines while employees are injured and overwhelmed with fees. If you have sustained a serious injury at work and have not been able to get your claims covered, we can help.

At Crane & Tejada, P.C., our offices in Denver and Durango focus on helping clients understand their legal rights in a workers' compensation claim. We have represented hundreds of southwestern Colorado employee cases against international companies and government entities. Our attorneys have been able to help workers with their claims and other injury claims.

Help With Denied Claims

Our law firm can help determine if workers' compensation laws apply to your situation and to what extent your employer may owe you coverage. We will guide you through the stages of a workers' compensation claim and attend hearings required to reopen a claim. If a dangerous employer liability caused your injury such as faulty equipment, we may be able to represent you in a civil lawsuit.

Here are a few types of injuries which may entitle you to compensation:

  • Fatal injuries caused by working conditions
  • Injuries that aggravate pre-existing conditions such as a back injury or heart condition
  • Diseases caused by exposure to dangerous chemicals or toxins during normal work situations
  • Work-related psychological and physical stress caused by hazards associated with the job

A Lawyer Who Pursues Insurance Companies

Employer insurance companies should by law pay for employee injuries sustained while working. We are aggressive defenders for our clients and will attempt to get insurance companies to pay their fair share.

Get The Help You Need For Your Work Claim

Workers' compensation can seem complex and overwhelming, but we can help you. Call 720-512-5871 or use the form to schedule your free consultation.