Caring Attorneys For Serious Injuries

Sustaining a traumatic injury can affect you long term, leading to lost income and expensive recoveries. Unsafe property, a car accident or even a faulty product can all cause painful damage to your body. Speaking to a knowledgeable attorney after becoming injured may save you medical expenses and help you gain restitution.

Crane & Tejada, P.C., has helped clients with personal injury law and premises liability for nearly 30 years. Our Denver and Durango offices have helped hundreds of clients successfully obtain compensation from international business, government agencies and trucking companies for their personal injury claims. We help our clients start their claim and are not afraid to go to court to fight for fair reparations.

Colorado Lawyers Who Defend Your Rights After An Injury

Spinal cord and brain injuries can reduce your quality of life and prevent you from returning to work. A catastrophic injury sustained at work may qualify for a workers' compensation claim. These incapacitating accidents can also cause secondary damage such as burns or puncture wounds.

We can help most clients who have been hurt by negligent behavior, including:

  • Passenger car and commercial vehicle collisions which can cause serious spinal and back problems.
  • Defective and faulty product injuries, such as unsafe children's toys or failed batteries.
  • Slipping and falling caused by an open pit or wet floor at business or public space.
  • Emotional distress and other kinds of mental abuse which can have lifelong effects.

We Will Work With Insurance Companies

If you experience an injury because of the negligence of another party in southwestern Colorado, you may not be responsible for your rehabilitation fees. Our lawyers have spent years working with insurance companies and explaining their legal requirements to our clients. If an insurance company denied you coverage, our team will review your case and fight for fair payments.

Speak To An Attorney Before Paying Medical Fees

We can assess your case for free and see if you are responsible for medical bills. Please call 720-512-5871 or use the online email form to reach us.