Seasoned Defense Lawyers For Violent Charges

Violent and high-level crimes are serious charges that can run the gamut from violent assaults to drug possession. At Crane & Tejada, P.C., we understand that these cases carry a much higher punishment and can result in years of imprisonment. We believe clients deserve proven lawyers who will fight aggressively to protect a client's rights and present their side of the story.

Our Denver and Durango offices will defend many types of high-level criminal charges, including sexual assault, burglary and kidnappings. We are respectful advocates for all clients and we will listen to your side of the story. Our legal team has defended all kinds of criminal charges in southwestern Colorado for over 20 years and we make professional communication a top priority.

Personalized Legal Services For High-Level Criminal Defense

Our attorneys are aware of the high stakes that come with violent crimes and felony level allegations. At the beginning of your case, we will have an honest conversation with you and give you a straightforward assessment of your chances for success. Our lawyers, paralegals and support staff will thoroughly research your case and keep you informed with consistent updates.

Here are a few of the legal services that we provide for high-level criminal charges:

  • Precharge investigations
  • Police arrangements and communications
  • Expungement and recording sealing

Determined Colorado Criminal Defense Attorneys

Our firm is compromised of lawyers who have spent years as trial public defenders and at trial. We have fought to remove the antiquated Colorado minimum-sentencing laws and worked to get the best possible outcomes for our clients. Our attorneys and staff pride ourselves on our dedication to our clients and our determination in the courtroom. We will take defend your high-level crime in court if necessary and work to always get you the best possible results.

Time Is Of The Essence, Talk To An Attorney

High-level and violent crimes have collateral consequences before you are even charged. Get your free consultation with an attorney now by calling 720-512-5871 or sending us a message.